The Great Wall of Kidderminster – otherwise the massive structure that runs alongside the ring road from Comberton Hill towards the Worcester Road junction – has a significant tale to tell. The dramatic deep relief faces and the other abstract features it is made up of, were created by the internationally celebrated artist and sculptor William Mitchell. It is surely time to celebrate the wall as Kidderminster’s most striking piece of public art and the Civic Society are doing just that by proposing to Historic England that it be a listed structure.

In simple engineering terms, the structure is a retaining wall and it was a vital element of one phase in the construction of the ring road skirting the centre of Kidderminster which took place almost fifty years ago. But it is much more than that: it is a work of sculptural art in concrete.

The wall sits in close proximity to other examples of Kidderminster’s built environment heritage – particularly Stour Vale Mills (listing number 1244819) - now housing the Museum of Carpet - and former Worcester Cross Works (listing number 1457827). Maybe it is still not too late to recognise and celebrate that fact, the artistic legacy from which the town continues to benefit and the contribution of the team comprising Douglas Smith, Jack Stewart the Borough Engineer & Surveyor, George Law and Company and William Mitchell. 

We think the time is long overdue for a proper celebration and appreciation of this stunning piece of public art and of the men who saw it produced and are Kidderminster Civic Society are in the process of applying to English Heritage for listing status for this huge piece of art. 

You can learn more about this topic by reading the article written by Civic Society Committee member Micheal Loftus by Clicking the link below:


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