The 1780 Map of Kidderminster

by James Sherriff

A copy of the Sherriff map made by A J Perrett and J G  Whitehouse in 1936 is kept in Kidderminster Library.  Inscribed on the map is an apportionment list of landowners and tenants. Worcestershire Archive at the Hive have an original copy on fine linen but it is fragile and in poor condition and Some of the map and details of landowners that are shown on 1936 copy are no longer on the original.

This page gives access to a compilation of overlapping sections of the 'Sherriff Map' copied from the 1936 reproduction by handheld photography, and also a transcription of the Apportionment list. The scale and linearity of individual sections may differ. Sections are labelled in rows and columns - starting from top left and finishing bottom right. 

The Sherriff Map Apportionment List. The transcribed list of landowners has been taken from Perrett's copy, a small section of which is indecipherable. The copy at Worcestershire Archive is in a poor state, brittle and not fully intact, it has even more information missing. There are some discrepancies in the data contained in the apportionment list. For example, look at the map section Row 2 Col 1 and compare the sizes of plot numbers 1 to 21 with the acreage values given in the Apportionment data. There are several very obvious inconsistences. Thus, the very small plot 5 is given as 3 acres 2 roods 1 perch while the nearby much bigger plot 6 is said to be only 2 roods 4 perches. The even larger plot 19 is only 3 roods 17 perches. These incongruities date to the original map and were not introduced in the 1936 copy.

The individual sections of the map and the apportionment list can be viewed and downloaded (for non-commercial purposes) by clicking links below or the associated thumbprints pictures. Row 1 is across the top of the map and Column 1 is to the left of the map'. 

Sherriff 1780 row 1 col 1

Sherriff 1780 row 1 col 2

Sherriff 1780 row 1 col 3

Sherriff 1780 row 2 col 1

Sherriff 1780 row 2 col 2

Sherriff 1780 row 2 col 3

Sherriff 1780 row 3 col 1

Sherriff 1780 row 3 col 2

Sherriff 1780 row 3 col 3

Sherriff 1780 row 4 col 1

Sherriff 1780 row 4 col 2

Sherriff 1780 row 4 col 3

Sherriff 1780 Apportionments

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