The 1835 Map of Kidderminster

by Jeremiah Mathews

This detailed map of Kidderminster tells us much about the streets and buildings that were already in existence by 1835. The town continually evolved and expanded after 1835 but it was not until the 1960s that we saw the construction developments that have altered and removes large swathes of the town as shown in 1835. 

Unusually the map is orientated with the North axis pointing to the left.

A very similar map by Broadfield also dated 1835 can be inspected in Kidderminster library. The plot numbers marked on both maps seem to be identical but there are minor differences in the shapes of some buildings and names allocated to them.

The Mathews map is held by the Worcestershire Archive at the Hive in Worcester. The maps presented here have been copied by hand held photography in overlapping rows Left to Right starting at the bottom left hand corner. So A3 L to R is the bottom right corner and G1 L to R  is the top left corner. The photographs were taken with a hand held camera and there is some variation of scale from area to area.

Each map section can be accessed and downloaded (for non- commercial uses) by clicking on the appropriate links: 

BOTTOM Row A - Left to Right: 

A1. Scale.Proud Cross

A2. Woodfield House/Bewdley Rd

A3. Park Lane south

Row B  -  Left to Right:

B1. Puxton to river & canal

B2. Mill St

B3. Park Lane north

B4. Caldwall Hall

Row C  Left to Right:

C1. Broad St

C2. Dudley St

C3. Bromsgrove St

C4. Hoo Rd

Row D -  Left to Right:

D1. Stourbridge Rd to Broadwaters

D2. Hurcott Rd (Bird Lane) - Horsefair

D3. Leswell - Offmore Rd (Love lane)

D4. Comberton/Station Hill

Row E - Left to Right:

E1. West of Greenhill

E2. Shrubbery to Greenhill

E3. Shrubbery to Spirit Lane

E4. Chester Rd junction with Comberton Rd

Row F - Left to Right:

F1. Broadwaters Forge

F2. Oaklands/Hurcott lane

F3. Land Oak toll gates

F4. Map Title - part of A

TOP Row G - Left to Right:

G1. Broadwaters Mill

G2. Hurcott lane

G3. Birmingham Rd

G4. Map Title - part of  B

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