A plan of Kidderminster


John Broadfield 1859

This plan was produced at a time of great change in the carpet industry of Kidderminster. Power looms were just beginning their rise to domination over the traditional hand loom weaving.

The plan has been copied in overlapping sections and records many names of streets and building now consigned to history. Look for: 'The Square', 'Battery', 'The Ragged School', 'Tan Yard', Tipper's Oak', 'Old Workhouse', 'Cricket Ground' .......

You can view a version of the whole plan where sections have been joined together as best as could be done. Alternatively, you can look at the individual sections where the details is shown with more resolution and clarity. You are welcome to download these maps for non-commercial uses.

                                 Click on the link or small 'Whole Plan' picture below                                    to access a view at moderate resolution of the plan.

The plan is shown as two sections where the areas near the join replicate to provide continuity between top and bottom halves.

Whole Plan

To access the individual sections at higher resolution use the labelled plan to choose from

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Section A

Section B

Section C

Section D

Section E

Section F

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