Maps of Kidderminster

Dating from the 18th & 19th Centuries

This collection of maps derives from a number of sources. The information and detail in them varies from map to map.

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1. A plan of Kidderminster commissioned by Lord Foley and prepared by surveyor John Doharty in 1753.

2. A map of Kidderminster and Lands surveyed by James Sherriff in 1780. This version is a taken from a copy made in 1936 by A J Perrett and J G Whitehouse.

3. The Borough Map of Kidderminster surveyed by Jeremiah Mathews in 1835 provides a wealth of detail about the layout of buildings and streets in the town at that time. There are many features of interest including: the positions of the Turnpike Toll Gates and some of the old street names - several of which have since been renamed.

4.  In 1859 John Broadfield surveyed and produced a plan of Kidderminster that, although not as detailed as the earlier Mathews map in 1835, provides an interesting insight into the layout of the town at a time when the carpet industry was  moving over from handloom weaving to power driven looms.

1859 Broadfield Plan of Kidderminster

5. A map produced by Thomas Dod Baker in 1868 showing the five Parliamentary Polling Districts of Kidderminster, including the positions of the polling booths, is now available courtesy the Kidderminster Civic Society and photography by Garry Hooper:

1868 Polling map of Kidderminster

6. In 1870 sewerage plans were produced showing the new sewerage system proposed by Kidderminster Town council. Garry Hooper has photographed the two plans for the Eastern and Western sections of the town:

1870 Sewerage Plans for Kidderminster

7. A series of OS maps of Kidderminster belonging to our Chairman Nick Hughes has been copied professionally by the Worcestershire Archaeology Series at the Hive. The survey for the maps was undertaken in 1883 and at a scale of 1:500 show fantastic detail and many names of houses and businesses.  

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