The Civic Society has erected a number of plaques since its formation in 1993. Pride of place must go to the Piano Building on Weavers Wharf. The Society was heavily criticised for saving the building by getting it listed in 2003. The Piano Building was described as "useless". Now it is a showcase asset of the town. Piano Building Plaque       

Not far away another plaque has been placed on Slingfield Mill, now occupied by Debenhams.


In Lower Mill Street, near the bridge over the Stour into the Bull Ring, is a plaque commemorating Frank Freeman's Dance Club. Here in the late 1960s played many bands destined to be famous. Recently a vinyl disc has been released of a recording made by John Peel at the club of a gig played by Captain Beefheart and his magic Band.  The plaque is reproduced from the inside cover of the Captain Beefheart vinyl disc issued in 2013.


A plaque has been erected at the ring road end of Park Lane. It can be found at the foot of the steps leading down from the historic Mount Skipet commemorating where Kidderminster's Brussels carpet industry began.

In the Blakebrook area are three plaques. 

First: on the only surviving part of the workhouse. in Sutton Road - the former Board of Guardians building

Second: at Summer Place row commemorating one of the nation's earliest building societies 


Third: in Mason Road at the home of one of the town's leading carpet pioneers, John Broom, then known as Blakebrook Cottage, later as The Cedars, but better known now as Kemp Hospice. 

Other plaques have been erected at:


   Caldwall Tower in Castle Road

  at the site of Harveys Vaults in Coventry Street,

and at the Old Infirmary at the top of Mill Street.

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